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November 30, 2017

September 15, 2017

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Anything but RUBY!

November 30, 2017

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Green-fire-EMERALD engagement ring - for the Unconventional Bride!

October 26, 2017

YES! - To seal that forever, with the ultimate question "Will you marry me?"  As the sacred stone of the goddess Venus - Emerald is thought to be the stone to preserve love and serves as the symbol for hope.   It is considered to be the stone of prophecy, as the wearer is gifted with wisdom and reason. 


As  Emerald is charmed with love- give your bride to be an engagement ring that says "I'm yours forever".   Brides today are unconventional, more flexible and wants to express their own story.  Thus the rise of colored gemstone being used as an engagement ring other than the traditional diamond.  In Mohr scale they are less hard than diamond but both last forever.  Emerald engagement ring is one of the most popular choices today.  


History and Meaning of Emerald

Also known as  the "Stone of Successful Love" , Emerald opens and nurtures the heart.  It is the epitome of unity, compassion and unconditional love.  It promotes friendship, loyalty,harmony and is known to provide domestic happiness.   


It was said that over six thousand years ago, Emerald has been the origin of facination and reverence in many cultures.  They are worshipped by the Incas, believed by the Chaldeans to contain a goddess during 400BC.  In ancient Egypt, Emerald is considered a symbol of eternal life and the favorite gemstone of  Queen Cleopatra.  So much so that Emerald mines were discovered a hundred years ago  and they are the worlds oldest mines - called as Cleopatras mine.


As the green variety of Beryl, only the finest quality emeralds are clear and unblemished.  Most have tiny inclusions or bubbles, called "jardin" from the French word meaning "garden".   Emeralds are delicate and easily breaks, they are classified 9 in hardness, but last a long time.  They scratch easily but can be wiped off.  Being it's green color it is said that Emerald is to have "entranced humankind".  It's a symbol of hope and new life.  


0.40 ct Emerald & 1/4 cttw Diamond ring in 14K White Gold


 As the birthstone for the month of May,  Emerald rings also make for renewal of vows, a re commitment ceremony.  As many couples of today ventures outside the norm and having their own saga - proposals makes it more exciting and more personalize.  For the unconventional bride, LOVE is more exciting and a journey to unfold with your husband to be. 


Affinity Designs LLC has everything you need, from classic to exotic and outside the box ring for the unconventional bride.  Seal your bond with unforgettable memories and relieve everyday your vows.  We celebrate with you and wish you all the BEST and a blissful married life ahead.


Check us out @affinitydesignsllc and for this collection







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