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New York, NY 10036

November 30, 2017

September 15, 2017

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Anything but RUBY!

November 30, 2017

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Red Hot RUBY Engagement Ring

October 12, 2017

Worn by Kings and Queens , adorned by nobility for centuries - RUBY exudes power and beauty.  The birth stone for the month of July, this fiery red hot stone is one of the most in demand up to present.  Also known as the Stone of Purity, Carbuncle and for Nobility.  Ruby radiates a high energy which is considered to boost Earth healing.  It is associated with success, strength, spirituality and can increase generosity[ the 3 S with a G ;) ].  


The name RUBY is derived from the Indian word "Ratnaya"- lord of the gemstones.  The Hindus called ruby as the king of precious stone and leader of gems.  Just like social classes , Rubies are divided into upper, middle and lower class according to flawlessness which is unblemished and beauty.  They believed that when one donates a ruby to Krishna, they are assured that they will be an emperor when being reborn.  Light colored rubies should be worn by women, while darker shades are appropriate for men.  



Red-hot-RUBY brings out the most intimate affections of those who wear it.  As the gemstone that increases passion and romantic love-indeed a perfect choice for a very special bride who desires blazing romance.  With it's crimson hue this is best paired in Classic or modern design, to vintage setting in White Gold or Yellow.  










0.50 ct Ruby  and 1/4 cttw Diamond Ring in 14K White Gold









Engagement rings have been the fundamental element into  a higher level of commitment.  It is the ultimate symbol of love that has been a tradition and passed on to generations and genrations.  In the old times,  Egyptians  wore rings on the third finger of the left hand to mark where the vein that ran directly to the heart- known as Vena Amoris.  Derived from Latin word meaning "vein of love" and first stated by Henry Swinburne in 1686.  As a pledge of promise to love forever the most special person - Red-hot-RUBY  Engagement ring! 


We have a varied selection of Engagement rings to choose from.  For the bride to be who wants perfection in every detail,  Affinity Designs LLC understand your needs and cater to your whim.  For more info:  For this selection, please visit





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