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November 30, 2017

September 15, 2017

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Anything but RUBY!

November 30, 2017

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EXOTICally Beautiful!

September 15, 2017

My favorite everyday ensemble is the comfort of jeans paired with a cute and nifty blouse, nice jacket  and my fave pumps.  What is most interesting, is the perfect trinket to finish my look...   I can go and create a candy arm or just have a single bracelet or simply have to die for big, bold and beautiful cocktail ring and a savvy dangling earrings.  Whatever I feel like... EXOTIC  Collection by Affinity Designs LLC has get me hooked  From simple to EYE blowing layout, from day to evening wear - that will complete my ensemble...








Check this out - Clusters of Oval Prehnite with Yellow and Orange Sapphire in Silver 925 ring.  Just like a bouquet of flowers... Unique design!













I like to highlight this ring when using it.  A simple earrings and a dainty necklace would do.  It's all about the ring...  Green Prehnite by it's definition is a crystal that enhances your intuition and the gift of prophecy. Known as a stone of magic - because your action is interconnected with your heart and will.  






 Oval Rose Quartz Ring adorn with  Sky Blue topaz, Yellow Sapphire, Tsavorite and Pink Sapphire.  Who's holding that crystal?











Very feminine... As the crystal for the HEART - it denotes Unconditional LOVE.  Just like a mother's love towards her child,  protective, comforting and inspiring.  It  carries peace, tenderness, warmth and love.  It is exhilarating!








Dainty ring in floral design round Ruby with Tsavorite ring.  








What I love about this ring is the craftsmanship.  Clean design and well thought of.  It's simple with a nudge! Ruby is the gemstone to be given on the 15th and 40th wedding anniversaries - as the stone that is full of fire for passion and love to last a lifetime.  Ruby as the stone derived from the sun is also a stone for nobility -  the QUEEN of stones and the stones of KINGS. 









A distinctive design that will pop eyes -  in Pear Amethyst with Blue, Yellow and Pink Sapphire in Black Rhodium.













Here's another creation of Affinity Design LLC that is uniquely crafted.  Amethyst is a purple quartz  also known as "Sobriety Stone".  In ancient Romans time this is believed to prevent drunkenness or intoxication.  This is a calming stone that promotes peace, harmony and symmetry.  It is used to irradicate impatience.  












Regal in Blue! Blue Topaz with Pink and Orange Sapphire. Tsavorite and Blue Zircon with black Rhodium.










This dynamic Blue Topaz ring is said to be the "Writers Stone" which lifts the communication skills both in writing and speech - it helps one to be an effective communicator.  Blue topaz radiates the calming color of the sky and sea.  It relaxes one's energy and fight chaos and negative emotions.  







Couldn't get over with Prehnite! In oval form with Yellow Sapphire and Tsavorite.


















GREEN the color of nature.  Cool and refreshing.. This Prehnite pendant is trully relaxing, which varies in color from light green to yellow, blue, pink and white.  In China, prehnite is also called as "grape jade" because of its form that resemble a bunch of grapes.  It is considered to be a very powerful dream stone. 


A great collection to have. Affinity Designs LLC always pride for its  detailed , delicate and quality produce.  It understand the art of fashion and jewelry, and address individual needs.  


All pictures are available and open for wholesalers and retailers. For more info,






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