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2 West 46th Street, Suite 800

New York, NY 10036

November 30, 2017

September 15, 2017

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Anything but RUBY!

November 30, 2017

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The cool, elegance of Swiss Blue Topaz Jewelry Set - Hierarchy in the making

September 5, 2017

Bluer than blue - everyone wants a shade of blue.  It exudes calmness and peace, a color that says "I am Confident" and "I make my own mark".  From lighter shade to dark- a hierarchy in the making -  it shouts out the  woman you want to be, full of life and vibrant, a woman who dares and not afraid to stand out.   Wear it and own it. 


Not all true when you are young and all hormones are popping out of nowhere - you wish you'd cover that face and hoping your crush won't notice.  But as you grow older, you get wiser, you're more confident in your own skin and style.  You now dare to take any challenge and make your own mark.  Then and....


Step up in fashion and wear this Swiss Blue Topaz Hook Earrings - Pear shape securely attached in 3 white gold prongs and bordered by Blue Sapphires in tapered Baguette cut and enclosed in White Diamonds - a classic and refreshing look.  As the birth stone for the month of December, Blue Topaz is derived from the word "tapas" meaning heat or fire.  It foster peace and harmony.


Now... you take that one step, bigger and bolder - a hierarchy in the making.   Until you make a stride, it became a gait - a walking in progress and a habit.  A habit that became an attitude, an attitude that has become a character - A character that is honed thru time and experience.  



Be dazzled and make heads turn in this Swiss Blue Topaz Pendant with Necklace in White Gold draped in this exquisite Pendant. 

 Affinity Designs LLC creates a charming and delicate jewelry pieces that you will surely love. Who wouldn't notice when this pendant is full of energy! Blue Topaz encased in magnificent tapered baguette Blue Sapphire - the splendid and sublime sapphire is derived from the word "saphirus" meaning blue.  As the birth stone for the month of September it is said to be the symbol of the heavens, a promoter of good health and giver of truth.



 Indeed a hierarchy in the making -  a WOMAN of today,  is full of confidence,  not afraid to flaunt her inner being with style and grace. A woman that says "I make my own mark".  I wear it and own it!



KUDOS to all the women out there!  Affinity Designs LLC is here and one with you in celebrating how beautifully confident with a heart - YOU are! 


 This ring is crafted in Swiss Blue Topaz with tapered baguette Blue Sapphire stones and decorated with full cut diamond stones.  This piece is one of a kind.  Subtle, elegant and carefully crafted.  The brilliance of  a full cut DIAMONDS - is a style or design guide in shaping and polishing a diamond.  It has a standard of 57 to 58 facets when in its round form which enhances it beauty thru the multiple angles that which reflects light.



No need to mix and match and play the matchmaker , here you have it.  Affinity Designs LLC understands your needs and provides a diverse collection of jewelries and jewelry sets.  All pieces has it's own character honed thru time and crafted with keen expertise.  For women who exudes confidence- sophistication and elegance - in any occasions. Stand out!  



For any inquiries please contact us:









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